Eva García-Martín

PhD candidate in Machine Learning @ Blekinge Institute of Technology.

I am a PhD candidate in Machine Learning at Blekinge Institute of Technology, in Sweden. I am working under the project Scalable resource- efficient systems for big data analytics funded by the Knowledge Foundation, advised by Niklas Lavesson and Håkan Grahn.

The main focus of my thesis is on making machine learning algorithms more energy efficient. In particular, I have studied the energy consumption patterns of streaming algorithms, and then proposed new algorithm extensions that reduce their energy consumption. Some of my research interests are the following: Energy Efficiency in Machine Learning, Green AI, High Performance Computing, Big Data and Streaming Data, Green Computing.


Organizing / PC / other

We are currently organizing the second edition of the Green Data Mining workshop: Second International Workshop on Energy Efficient Scalable Data Mining and Machine Learning, held in conjunction with ECML-PKDD 2019, in September in Würzburg, Germany. Green Data Mining

I organized the 1st International Workshop on Energy Efficient Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, held in conjunction with ECML-PKDD 2018, in September in Dublin, Ireland. Green Data Mining

I was helping at organizing the WiML dinner held at ICML, in Stockholm, July 2018.

I am a reviewer for the following conferences/journals: JMLR, WiML, ICML, ECML, AAAI, SNAM, GHC.

Talks and Presentations

I have given talks and/or presentations at the following events: